Wollongong Liquor Accord

Keeping our city safe...


Membership to the Wollongong Liquor Accord is open and invitations extended to all licensed venues within the Wollongong LGA. The licensee has the designated authority to make application for membership on behalf of their respective venue to the WLA.

Membership is per calendar year. An annual membership subscription fee applies.

The following is the applicable annual subscription fee schedule:

$50.00 - Non Gaming Venues

$100.00 - Gaming Venues

Upon receipt of a completed application form and membership subscription fee a coaster size window decal will be available for collection or forwarded to the licensed venue. The display of the decal identifies the venue as a current member of the WLA and affords all member benefits. You will also be issued with a login to the 'members only' section of our website.

Four annual member meetings are held principally on the first Tuesday of March, June, September and December. Membership entitles the licensee and any other nominated person attached to the venue (for instance management team) access to these meetings. Similarly, the licensee and any other nominated person attached to the venue may be placed onto the WLA email distribution list to receive timely and pertinent information from a variety of sources.

Membership renewal closes on the 31st of December each year and does not re-open until the 1 st of February in the following year. On the 1st of January each calendar year a full list of current members will be provided to the Licensing Police, Wollongong Local Area Command.


It is increasingly becoming more important for licensed premises to become active members of a local Liquor Accord. Here are but some of the benefits available by joining this dynamic industry partnership.

  • The establishment and maintenance of effective working relationships with key government agencies such as the NSW Police Force, Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing, Wollongong Council and other key stakeholders.
  • Recognition of membership to a Liquor Accord which is endorsed by liquor authorities including the Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing and the Casino, Liquor & Gaming Control Authority.
  • Representation by a professional single voice.
  • Forum for collaboration of ideas and issues affecting the local precinct.
  • Source of information and support.
  • Joint promotion of our local area
  • Joint submissions or representations on behalf of WLA licensees about a shared common view or issue.
  • Improved compliance with liquor licensing laws.
  • Reduction in under age drinking, reduced anti-social behaviour and crime, reduced alcohol related violence.
  • Networking
  • Member email distribution list for pertinent information.
  • Access to the 'members only' section of our website (including the accord calander)
  • Enhanced local reputations for concerned and active licensees
  • Recognition from the implementation of community based projects instigated by WLA and subsequent improved business environment.
  • Increased positive perceptions about member premises operations.