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The NSW Government has introduced a range of liquor law reforms that will come into effect from 1 October 2017. These changes will further improve industry regulation and business certainty and viability by reducing red tape, and will encourage venues to continue to provide safe environments for patrons to enjoy themselves. The key changes coming into effect from 1 October: Improved effectiveness of the Three Strikes disciplinary scheme for venues that repeatedly commit the most serious offences. Refreshed liquor licence conditions and an extended liquor licence freeze in the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross until 1 June 2018, with some changes to provide more opportunities for businesses to refurbish and improve their offerings to customers. Certain special licence conditions for Kings Cross venues will also be removed to further reduce red tape. Improved effectiveness of the Minors Sanction Scheme for venues that sell alcohol to under-18s. Enhanced business flexibility for small bars in the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross precincts trading after midnight. For more information: Fact sheet – Changes to liquor regulations (PDF, 150KB) Fact sheet - Industry information: Changes to the Minors Sanction Scheme (PDF, 84KB) Fact sheet - Industry information: Changes to the liquor licence freeze in the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross precincts (PDF, 86KB) Fact sheet - Industry information: Changes to the Three Strikes disciplinary scheme (PDF, 113KB)

Liquor licence reinstatement period now closed

The opportunity to lodge an online application to reinstate a cancelled liquor licence closed on 18 September.

Cancelled licences cannot be reinstated; licensees need to apply for a new licence if they wish to sell or supply liquor, or operate gaming machines. Read more

Extended trading for NRL grand final

Hotels and clubs across NSW have been granted extended trading until midnight for the NRL grand final on Sunday 1 October.

Thousands of rugby league fans will flock to licensed venues to watch the game with friends and family. The extension will allow fans to continue socialising in venues after the match.

The extension means that the majority of NSW hotels and clubs – which have licences that restrict Sunday trading to 10pm can open an extra two hours until midnight. The extension does not permit takeaway alcohol sales during the extended two hour period.

Hotels and clubs still need to comply with any previously imposed trading restrictions, or other conditions that apply to their licences.

Hotels and clubs that are already approved to trade above extended hours are not affected by these special arrangements.

Read more about the extended trading hours in the media release.

Five year ban for liquor law breaches

The former licensee of El Toro Tapas and Pizza Bar in Maroubra has been fined $10,000 and banned from being a licensee or manager of a licensed venue for five years, following a series of liquor law breaches.

The Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (ILGA) Board found that Mr Marshall Lukman was not a fit and proper person to hold a liquor licence due to his ongoing disregard for liquor laws.

In a complaint to the ILGA Board, Liquor & Gaming NSW submitted that between May 2015 and March 2016 Mr Lukman breached licence conditions on numerous occasions.

The breaches included selling takeaway alcohol, serving alcohol without accompanying
food, not maintaining an incident register, serving alcohol without a valid responsible service of alcohol certificate and failing to display appropriate signage.

For more information on recent ILGA decisions visit our website.

Cutting red tape for community gaming activities

12 September 2017

Charities, clubs, churches and other groups that run community lotteries and businesses running trade promotions are set to benefit from streamlined regulations being proposed by the NSW Government.

New laws for activities, such as raffles and art unions, will go before Parliament later this year, following a recent review of the Lotteries and Art Unions Act 1901.

Under the proposed changes, permits will no longer be needed for community gaming activities with prizes less than $30,000 and trade promotions with prizes less than $10,000.

The proposed changes will cut red tape and make it easier for community organisations to run low-risk gaming activities, such as chocolate wheels, lucky envelopes and charity housie games.
Standards to ensure the integrity and proper conduct of gaming activities will remain, and operators will still need to keep records for compliance.

It’s also proposed that a civil penalties regime will be introduced for minor breaches of the regulations. Serious breaches of the regulations will continue to face criminal prosecution.
The changes follow a review of the Lotteries and Art Unions Act 1901 that found regulations for low-risk activities often put unnecessary administrative burdens on small community organisations.
For more information:

Renew your RSA/RCG competency card online

Liquor & Gaming NSW (L&GNSW) has made it easy for RSA and/or RCG competency cardholders to continue working in the liquor and gaming industries with the introduction of online refresher training.

Five-year photo competency cards have been issued since August 2011 to those who successfully completed RSA and RCG training. Refresher training was a recommendation of the 2013 independent review of the Liquor Act to keep skills up to date.

The renewal process includes online training and payment of a $35 fee. Competency cardholders will receive renewal reminders by email and SMS prior to their competency card expiring.

Note: The online course is only accessible from the notifications sent from L&GNSW.

What this means for licensees
All licensees and their staff who serve, sell or supply alcohol and/or work with gaming machines in NSW venues are required to hold a valid RSA/RCG competency card. Licensees are encouraged to speak to their staff about the renewal program, and the importance of staff checking their contact details to ensure that they receive the renewal reminders.

Online refresher training
Refresher training is delivered by L&GNSW via online training modules. This can be accessed through reminder notifications sent to all individuals as they approach the expiry of their card. Each module takes up to 45 minutes to complete. You can only complete the refresher training for the competencies you have attained through a full training course.

Update your contact details to receive important reminder notifications
If you hold a valid RSA and/or RCG competency card, please check your card to ensure that we have your most recent contact details. We will use email and SMS to notify you about how to renew your competency card, as you approach your card expiry date.

Update your contact details now using the online form. If you can’t update your contact details online, download and complete the Change of contact details for competency card holder form, and email it to competencycard@olgr.nsw.gov.au or post it to:

Competency Cards
Liquor & Gaming NSW
GPO Box 7060
Sydney NSW 2001


Older RSA/RCG paper certificates issued before 21 August 2011 will expire on 30 June 2016.

If you or your staff hold an older paper certificate, you will need to complete a full RSA and/or RCG course by 30 June 2016 to continue working in roles that require a valid RSA or RCG competency. Upon completion of a full course, you will receive an interim certificate which you can use to apply for a photo competency card.

Read more about the expiry of older paper certificates on our website.

More information
Further information about the RSA/RCG competency card renewal program including FAQs, is available on the Liquor & Gaming NSW website.


Philip Crawford has been appointed the new Chair of the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority Board.



Sixth venue to have licence suspended under Minors Sanctions Scheme

A Strathfield café has had its liquor licence suspended for 21 days after failing to check age IDs and then serving the equivalent of 58.4 standard drinks to a group of teenagers celebrating their high school graduations.



10 year state-wide industry ban handed down to former licensee

The former licensee of Port Macquarie's Downunder Nightclub has been given a 10 year state-wide industry ban for repeatedly allowing intoxication and other offences.



Set the clocks back at your venue

Daylight saving ends in NSW on Sunday, 3 April 2016 when clocks go back by one hour at 3am.

If you are licensed to trade until 3am or later on Sunday, 3 April 2016, your venue is permitted to trade for an additional hour. The reverse will occur in October when daylight saving time recommences.


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