Wollongong Liquor Accord

Keeping our city safe...


The Wollongong Liquor Accord is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable place for our community to enjoy our city.

  • Members acknowledge the need to minimise harm associated with misuse and abuse of liquor (including harm arising from violence and other anti-social behaviour).
  • Members acknowledge the need to encourage responsible attitudes and practices towards the promotion, sale, supply, service and consumption of liquor.
  • Members acknowledge the need to ensure that the sale, supply and consumption of liquor contributes to, and does not detract from, the amenity of community life.
  • Members acknowledge the need to promote safety and positive perceptions about the precinct in which they are located.
  • Members acknowledge the need to foster strong community relations and as such will proactively engage with local residents over issues of concern.
  • Members acknowledge that they represent the partnership that is the Wollongong Liquor Accord and as such will strive to ensure that their actions and the operations of their respective businesses will reflect the values stated here.